EAST AMHERST, N.Y. (WIVB) – Erie county’s first salt cave has opened on Transit Road in East Amherst.

It’s the third our area has seen with one in Orchard Park, and one in Ellicotville.

The calming sound of running water and mood music fills a 330-square foot space at Aura Salt Cave and Wellness.

Inside, you’ll find 20 thousand pounds of pink salt.

Co-Owner Tadgi DeBerg says, “don’t underestimate its healing powers.”

She said, “You just shut off. You just disconnect. No cell phones, no nothing in there.”

She says the salt therapy can help with everything from sinus infections to snoring, from chronic bronchitis to hangovers.

“We have people that come in and say, “wow my sinuses drained while I was in there, or my ear popped. I didn’t even know I went in with a headache, and now my headache is gone.”

The room is kept cold- about 62 degrees and holds about 8 people.

It’s a practice that’s been around since the 19th century. DeBerg said, “What we try to do, is to mimic the actual microclimate of the caves in Poland.”

The salt cave uses a halo-generator to pump fine salt into the room. DeBerg says when it is breathed in, it can clear out mucus, and kill bacteria throughout the body.

It’s a different experience for everyone. “It’s an experience they can feel good about. That’s our goal, and that’s what we like to see.”

They started setting up the salt cave in April and opened for business in July. It took about two full months to build.

A 45-minute salt cave session normally costs $40, but the new business does offer specials every month.

For more information on the salt caves, just head to the Aura Salt Cave and Wellness website.