BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)-The Winning Numbers are: 67-45-57-36-13 AND A MEGA BALL OF 14

Now everyone has their own method of choosing the numbers that could potentially make them a billionaire.

“I picked some of my own and then I did the quick picks too,” said Michael Suchecki, “I’m hoping they could do it for me.”

For others, they left it up to fate to pick the winning numbers for them.

Sherry Supples, who works at a gas station on Delaware Avenue, says Friday brought in the most lottery business she has seen since she started working there.

“We’ve done about a hundred thousand dollars in lotto today so far.” said Supples.

On Friday, The New York State Mega Millions Lottery hit 1.28 billion dollars before Friday night’s drawing, and everyone has their own ideal lifestyle if they won the big prize.

“I would immediately quit work and retire.” said Michael Suchecki, after he bought his tickets, “I’d get on a catamaran and I’d cruise the Caribbean, that way I’d have a perfect view from my office everyday.”

For Michelle Mancini, the chunk of change could help her out in more ways than one.

“First I’d have to get rid of my debt.” said Mancini, “Then I would love to buy a house so I could stop renting.”

But for the majority of the people we spoke to in the City of Good Neighbors, many of them said the money would not only be used for them to live in their own luxury, but to help others in need as well.

“First I’d take care of my family,” said Supples, “Then a couple charities, SPCA, Wounded Veterans, and just take care of the people I care about.”

For business owner, Pierogi Pete, he says he spent one hundred dollars on tickets for his colleagues, and is asking 5% of the big prize if any of them win.

“I will set up a charity, and I will open a Pierogi Pete’s in Nashville,” said Pierogi Pete at the Polish Festival, “The dreams are what it’s all about.”

So whether they win or they loose, everyone is hoping for their luck of the draw.

Hope Winter is a reporter and multimedia journalist who has been part of the News 4 team since 2021. See more of her work here.