Bills superfan tests positive for COVID-19, unable to attend playoff game

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ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB)– Some playoff ticket holders are getting the heartbreaking news that they have tested positive for COVID-19 and cannot attend the game.

One extreme Bills fan who has actually been on our air before when she had a Bills’ themed wedding is one of those people dealing with that news.

It is the toughest pill to swallow for major Bills fans who have made it to this historic milestone in the season, who secured a playoff ticket, and who were so excited to go.

Celeste Cline and her husband got their tests Wednesday and got the call they were hoping not to get about 24 hours later.

As we’ve been reporting the more than 6,000 people hoping to attend the playoff game had to get tested between Wednesday morning and Thursday night.

Celeste and her husband got theirs on Wednesday.

She says they were obsessively checking their e-mails as they awaited results, and then they got that call.

Although devastating, they are thankful for their health and for how good the Bills are.

“So I definitely cried. More so just mad but then immediately, we were like, we have really mild symptoms, so we’re lucky.”

“Even my husband said, ‘They better still be good because I need to enjoy this in person, this isn’t fair,’ but I said, ‘I’m pretty sure they are set up to be good for awhile.”

Celeste Cline

Celeste did not have the signature symptoms, just a runny nose.

She says there have to be other people like them out there, the state department of health employee who called them told the couple she had made about a hundred of these calls.

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