Family and friends of Lakendra Tillmon gathered at the Erie Basin Marina Friday night to remember the mother of five.

Buffalo Police say Tillmon was shot and killed while driving her three youngest children on Butler Avenue last week. The shooting happened in broad daylight. Officers say Tillmon’s vehicle crashed into a tree and she died at the hospital.

“I never expected my mom to die like this. Everybody really loved her and you know, I loved her too,” said Tillmon’s oldest daughter.

“i feel like my mom should never had to die like this and whoever did this just come forward, turn yourself in and do something, because it’s not right how people are getting shot and killed everyday, even women,” said another one of Tillmon’s daughters.

Buffalo Police are still looking for the shooter. They are calling on the public for more information.

Tillmon’s death is one of almost 40 homicides in the city this year. It’s part of a string of violent shootings involving women and children.

“We have an element in the community that is just totally reckless, no guidelines, no boundaries, no nothing and that’s something new for us, we haven’t seen this,” said Pastor James Giles, Buffalo Peacemakers.

Anti- violence groups have a desperate plea to women–

“Women, take back your household, women rule things whether we like it or not. If you start turning in your nephew, you start turning in your little brother or your cousin, start speaking up because we know what they’re doing,” said Tina Sanders with No more Tears Inc.

Tillmon’s wake and funeral is Saturday at True Bethel Baptist Church at 10 a.m.

A city wide peace walk is also scheduled for 2 pm Saturday on Crossman Street.