WYOMING COUNTY, NY (WROC) – Cleanup is underway in Wyoming County after Thursday’s train derailment.

Two crew members were hurt when the eastbound freight train went off the tracks in a wooded area near the border of Attica and Alexander.

Norfolk Southern says they’re still investigating how the derailment occurred but train experts and witnesses we spoke to say a section of track caved in and that’s what possibly caused this massive derailment.

Friday morning, train crews worked to clean-up the accident site so that this specific freight line can be restored back to normal service. The two engines and nine cars that came off the track were carrying automobiles.

“Oh, it was loud, a noise I’ve never heard before,” said Ed Ziegler, witness. “I saw a couple of cars go up above them tree lines, and then disappear out of sight. Some cars went off on that side, the locomotive and some other cars came on this side which, this is the west side.”

Rick Stevens, who owns a nearby farm, was the first on the scene. “We heard, pleads for ‘help, help!'” he told News 8.

Stevens says there was fire and smoke everywhere making it difficult to find the train crew.

“The conductor and the engineer had somehow gotten out of the engine,” said Rick Stevens. “They were trapped in a thicket of briers and brambles.”

After eventually finding the crew, he drove them to the nearest road where they were later treated by first responders.

We’re told at this time the engineers who were operating this train are still in the hospital suffering from non-life threatening injuries. Norfolk Southern tells us there’s no environmental impact or overall threat to public safety.