A first-of-its-kind mobile bar is ready to hit Western New York streets. 

Three years ago, Joel Schreck opened up Share Kitchen and Bar Room in Williamsville. Since then, he’s created a food truck, catering business and now this mobile bar room. 

“Well, we took an old ’73 Airstream trailer, completely gutted it, and kind of turned it into our bar,” Schreck said. 

From that old trailer with vintage cabintrey and vinyl tiling on the floor, to the a shiny new watering hole on wheels… the Share Kitchen and Bar Room mobile bar is the first in the area. 

“The goal really was to take what we do in the restaurant and be able to take it on the road, to a private event… weddings, backyard bbqs, rehersal dinners, birthday parties… all kinds of things like that,” he said. 

Inside, you’ll find a wide-array of beer and liquors, including four local brews on tap. 

A seating area can fit about half a dozen people. Schreck said the area could pose as a photo booth too. 

The experience will only be found at private events though, there are legal ramifications that come with a mobile bar. 

“It’s not like Food Truck Tuesdays, or us going on the side of the road and opening up our food truck,” he said. “This requires us getting a temporary license each and every time, to go along with our license in our restaurant, just like we would any private cater event.”

The mobile bar room is ready to hit the streets; Schreck is just waiting on Mother Nature to cooperate at this point. 

“(It’s) a little cold on a day like today,” he laughed. 

Schreck expects it to be fully functional at events in WNY starting this April. He said he’s already booked several events this year, and even some in 2020. For booking information, click here.