Fisher Price faces class action lawsuits for Rock N Play Sleeper deaths

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Fisher Price is being slapped with class action lawsuits over its popular Rock N Play Sleeper. In two separate lawsuits, parents say the East Aurora company, along with its parent-company Mattel, marketed the product as being safe.

But with more than 30 infant deaths and hundreds of injuries within the nearly 10 years the sleeper has been around, child safety experts say the product is dangerous.

“Sleep products like the Rock N Play [Sleeper] – even cribs, bassinets, pack-n-plays, which have standards for them – really have to be safe products. It’s the one place where you’re expected to lay a child down and leave them unattended, or at least not constantly watching them,” said Executive Director of Kids in Danger – a nonprofit dedicated to child safety – Nancy Cowles. “[The Rock N Play Sleeper] violates two rules of sleep that we tell parents – that children should sleep flat on their backs, because that’s proven to be safest, and they should not be restrained during sleep.”

Multiple families are now coming forward with class action lawsuits against Fisher Price, claiming it sold the sleeper knowing the risks it poses – specifically the sleeper leads to an increased risk of suffocation. 

Samantha Drover-Mundy and Zachary Mundy filed a lawsuit on behalf of their daughter, who they say died just minutes after being placed in a Rock N Play Sleeper.

“Although nothing can fully redress [the child’s] death, it has become clear this product is defective and dangerous, and that the parties responsible should be held to account,” the couple’s attorney, Jonathan Sorkowitz, said in a statement to News 4.

On April 12, Fisher Price recalled all 4.7 million Rock N Play sleepers, citing the reported infant injuries and fatalities. The company said it continues to stand by the product’s safety.

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