A few years after the famous ice car in Hamburg, there’s now a new frozen attraction after the latest wind storm. Dozens of people are flocking to Hoover Beach to take a picture of nature’s beauty, but Hamburg officials have a warning for visitors.

“Amazing, It’s a once in a lifetime thing,” said Vicky Sickau, who lives in Hamburg.

“It’s like frozen in time,” said Cathie Wallace, another Hamburg resident.

“We’re very impressed its very cool, very cool sight,” said Kim McNeight, who brought her daughter to see the ice.

Whether it’s the massive chunks of ice, or the cool blue color, the ice piles along Hoover Road shoreline have everyone stopping to take a closer look.

“The shapes of the ice are completely different from one end to the other,” said Sickau.

“This is something totally different,” said MaryKay Pagels.

MaryKay Pagels says she just had to bring her granddaughter Olivia down to see it.

“I didn’t think it was going to be this big. I thought it was just going to be some pushed ice where you’d barely see anything, but this is, this is really cool,” said Olivia Pagels.

But what’s not cool, Hamburg officials say, is people climbing on the ice to get the perfect picture.

Town of Hamburg Emergency Services posted a warning to its Facebook page Tuesday asking people to stay off the ice.

“I know police have been coming through shooing off the kids because they have tried to climb up to the top and it is pretty slippery up there,” said Sickau.

“As much as much as this is a beautiful sight it is also dangerous,” said Sean Crotty, emergency manager for the Town of Hamburg.

Sean Crotty says this ice pile isn’t just a frozen attraction.

“It did actually save, quite a bit. If the lake was open and didn’t have the ice we’d be dealing with flooding problems,” said Crotty.

Crotty says he welcomes people to admire nature’s beauty, but to do so safely.

“We have extra patrols, the zone car for here is coming through just because of the traffic and because of the people that were climbing up on the ice. We just want to make sure that our presence does encourage safe and responsible actions,” said Crotty.

The Bedrock Eatery parking lot is private property, but Crotty says he hasn’t had any complaints from the owner about people taking pictures.

He also says crews will be putting up signs on Wednesday along Hoover Road to tell people to stay off the ice.