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Free scuba diving lessons at the Erie County Fair through Sunday

HAMBURG, N.Y. (WIVB) - Through Sunday you can learn how to scuba dive at the Erie County Fair! As long as you're at least 12 years old you're welcome to come out and try it, just make sure you bring a swimsuit! 

"Out here it's a fun atmosphere we've got very warm water, the suits, the towels, it's 42 inches deep," said David Reidenbach, Go Dive Now Pool Tour Coordinator.

Instructors with "Go Dive Now" travel around the country, on a mission to promote scuba diving for people of all ages.

"On our back we're wearing a tank and a vest we're wearing so we can adjust our buoyancy," said Reidenbach.

I got to wear a specialized dive mask with a built-in microphone so I can talk underwater, and you can watch me through a monitor.

"The gear I'm wearing weighs 40 pounds but underwater it feels much lighter and only feels like a couple pounds," said News 4's Angela Christoforos.

"They actually make a unit underwater that transmits underwater so you don't have to have a cable, so you can sit there and talk to each other about what you're seeing," said Reidenbach.

David, also known as "Big Wave Dave" hopes trying out scuba diving in a swimming pool will encourage swimmers to try scuba diving in other parts of the world.

"The earth is 70% water so you're only enjoying 30% of it on land so by going underwater you can enjoy another part of it," said Reidenbach.

You can learn how to scuba dive at the Erie County Fair for free through Sunday from 12 to 7 pm.

For more information about Go Dive Now go to http://godivenow.com/

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