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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – You know the feeling when you’ve had a great night’s sleep – You’re energized, focused, and ready to take on the world. For too many of us, though, the feeling after a poor night’s sleep is much more familiar.

Not only can that slow you down throughout your day, but it can really take a toll on your health.

“It can lead to diabetes, pre-diabetes within three days if you can believe it; high blood pressure, especially if we have an undiagnosed sleep disorder,” explained sleep medicine educator Soda Kuczkowski. “It can lead hormonal imbalances, so we’re looking at we’re gaining weight; we’re getting into mental health issues, depression.”

Kuczkowski is an expert on sleep. She works with local physicians and sleep testing facilities, gives presentations to organizations around the country, and owns START WITH SLEEP on Hertel Avenue in North Buffalo, where you can find medical and behavioral tools and resources to help you get the best sleep possible.

“We’re all about promoting healthy habits here. I say we’re the science and art of a good night’s sleep,” Kuczkowski explained, “so we provide you the education and then the tools to get you there.”

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Kuczkowski’s business offers everything from nutritional and environmental sleep aids to wearable technology to help you wind down, plus herbal teas, aromatherapy, and other goods, tailored to your specific needs. “You really want to focus on the individualized, because everyone’s physiology is different,” Kuczkowski explained.

Kuczkowski urges everyone to learn more about what your body needs through consultation and coaching sessions, or one of the many sleep and wellness workshops available at her shop.

“We do a lot of hands on things, where it’s make and take workshops,” Kuczkowski told News 4. “We did one with Aloe Vera, where we cut up an Aloe Vera plant and learned about the benefits of Aloe Vera. We made a bedtime Aloe Vera tea, and you get to make one of three cleansers based on your skin type.”

“I work with Root and Rise Ayurveda, really on finding the right yoga for your body type, so we offer that free restorative adult yoga class at the end of every month, and we offer it with a different yoga instructor for kids restorative yoga,” she added.

Every month, there are a wide variety of workshops available for all ages, including Wide Awake Club workshops for children ages 1-5 and their parents, and even sessions for parents and their newborns.

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The interactive learning experiences cover everything from creating healthy habits and sleep environments, to dealing with nightmares and night terrors, to sticking to good bedtime routines. “It’s not just about physically preparing for bed, it’s about mentally preparing for bed,” Kuczkowski said.News 4’s Katie Alexander had the chance to check out START WITH SLEEP and learn more about ways to help everyone sleep better. Watch the videos below to see our full Wake Up coverage.

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