GOP candidate for Governor speaks in Buffalo

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The GOP candidate for Governor made a stop in Buffalo on Thursday to talk about a new plan that he hopes will restore the public’s trust in state government.

Marc Molinaro spoke to reporters in Niagara Square. He unveiled what he called the 2019 Albany Accountability Act.

This comes as two major corruption trials involving state government took place.

The act is a policy plan that would alter the way government in New York State polices itself.

First, he wants term limits — two terms for the governor and six terms for lawmakers.

He also wants New Yorkers to be able to propose changes to law that legislators would vote on.

“I think that those who are running for state legislature today ought to be able to say up or down if they believe in the reforms,” Molinaro said. “If they believe in the reform, I’m going to hold them to it come January 1st. But beyond that, the state constitution provides the Governor an enormous amount of authority in the budget process. If I have to, I will leverage that power to force a vote on these reforms.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s re-election campaign released a statement in response, saying “The Governor has fought to restore transparency and accountability in government, and we welcome Molinaro’s newfound enthusiasm for this effort.”

The candidate challenging Cuomo for the Democratic nomination is Cynthia Nixon. Her campaign didn’t respond directly to Molinaro’s ideas.

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