BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — April 1 should have meant an agreement on how New York State plans to spend its money. But, as Governor Hochul and the State legislature hammer out a budget deal, it looks like they won’t meet Monday’s extended deadline.

Jacob Neiheisel is an associate professor of political science from the University at Buffalo.

“The process has been increasingly used to pursue policy goals, whereas previously it was used to make sure the state was running,” said Neiheisel. “So, I think that as it has been used to really force somebody’s hand on the policy end we see more and more late state budgets.”

Neiheisel said there are certain policy issues the governor and lawmakers will have to compromise on before the budget is passed.

“The first and foremost would be bail reform, others would have to do with raising taxes, or alternatively raising tuition at SUNY and CUNY and some fees in some other places,” added Neiheisel. “So, those seem to be the main sticking points right now.”

A late budget means local governments are in the dark about what kind of money is headed their way.

“So, the more backed up the state becomes, the more backed up all the auxiliary government entities become,” Neiheisel said. “So, I think that’s the chief thing that the average person is going to worry about. Of course, if you’re a State employee or you have business before the State, that might impact you more directly.”

Hochul said she is looking into another deadline extension because it will take a number of days for each bill to be debated before the final budget is approved.

Neiheisel said the governor may be appealing to a wider base with her budget priorities.

“I think that in the wake, for New York, a reasonbly close gubenitorial campaign the governor right now is trying to look a little bit more moderate and this is really coming up against the constituency of the legislature,” added Neiheisel.

If the budget isn’t passed by Monday, and if no extender is passed, the state comptroller said 83,000 State employees may not be paid on time.

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