Governor’s options to fill NY-27: Special election would fill Chris Collins’ House seat

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NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB)–Governor Andrew Cuomo answered two critical questions this afternoon about the future of New York’s 27th Congressional District.

He will fill the seat vacated by Chris Collins and it’s expected that he will do it at the next opportunity, which will coincide with the presidential primary in April.

The Governor had the option of allowing the seat to remain open until next November when it would normally appear on the ballot.

Today he made it clear that New York’s 27th district deserves representation, and he will hold a special election.

That leaves the question as to when. There was some speculation that he could have held a special election as soon as January, but he said today doing so could be costly and lead to a low voter turnout.

Instead he’ll opt for the next available option, when voters will turn out for the state’s presidential primary on April 28.

“My predisposition is to fill the seat and to fill it at the next election so you don’t have to hold another election. And the next election is the presidential election on April 28,” Cuomo said.

This option has other advantages besides being cheaper and garnering more interest. The presidential primary will also bring out more democrats, and that means democrat Nate McMurray has an advantage.

The GOP will have to choose its candidate, a decision that rests with the eight county chairs, with weighted votes for Erie and Niagara Counties.

Conservatives also have the option of putting up there own candidate, or going with the GOP.

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