Group looks to bring adult LGBTQ shelter to Buffalo

Local News

A newly formed task force is looking to bring a shelter for LGBTQ adults to Buffalo. According to officials from the group, there are currently only two for that specific community across the entire country, and after seeing the lack of LGBTQ shelters in Western New York, a local coalition decided to join together and look into making this happen.

Marek Parker chairs the task force spearheading this initiative, he told News 4 that there are often shelters for LGBTQ youth, but this would be unique since adults who are homeless may not feel safe at a typical shelter. 

According to Parker, 40 percent of the homeless youth in Buffalo identify as LGBTQ, and often that leads to those same people needing shelters into adulthood, making this even more necessary.

While this is still early in the planning stages, Parker said they’re looking into options when it comes to funding and location. He said the task force is planning to apply to various grants for assistance. 

As for the location, the group is specifically looking into Downtown Buffalo, since that’s where they feel the need is the greatest and most accessible.

For more information, Parker said people can visit the group’s Facebook page, or contact him at 716-818-7230.

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