Hatchets and Hops’ new “AxeWagon” is on the move

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Since 2016, Hatchets and Hops has been bringing the sport of axe throwing to downtown Buffalo. 

With their new AxeWagon, they can now bring the fun outside of their Main Street location, to festivals, weddings, and other events. 

“A lot of people want to know if they can bring parties of 100 or more into our bar, and we just don’t have the capacity for it,” Alec Siskar, outside events coordinator for Hatchets and Hops said. “We decided to make a structure we can bring anywhere and everywhere without sacrificing the experience you’d get at our bar.” 

The AxeWagon made its debut last Saturday at Flying Bison’s ‘Pils, Pierogis, and Polka” event. 

“The guests had no idea of what to expect,” Siskar said. “When people come into our bar, they know that they’re going to be throwing axes- so it was interesting to see that dynamic change,  bringing it out of our four walls.” 

Since the AxeWagon has gone public, Siskar said the team has been flooded with inquiries by people trying to bring it to their events. 

“Anything you can think of, we can bring the truck out to you,” Siskar said. 

The AxeWagon requires at least 12′ width, 17 ft. length, and 10 ft. height. It can be set up outdoors or in a large indoor space, and because it can be disassembled, it can be brought in through a door. 

Rates for rental are about $2,000 for a three or four hour session, Siskar said. 

Like Hatchets and Hops’ Main Street location, the AxeWagon has instructors who will teach guests how to throw the hatchets safely and effectively. 

Though tossing axes around might sound risky, the sport is very safe, Andrew Lloyd, business operations manager for Hatchets and Hops said. 

Participants are required to wear closed toes shoes. They have to sign a liability waiver before participating, and show proof that they are 18 or older. 

“We have the turf to eliminate bounce, and the wooden handle deadens upon impact,” Lloyd said  “You’re going to have an instructor standing right in the middle between you and the other thrower, showing you how to do it safely.” 

Hatchets and Hops has grown significantly since opening, Lloyd said. 

“When it first opened, we were operating primarily on Fridays and Saturdays- now, we’re pretty hard pressed to find a time when there aren’t people throwing,” he said. 

Hatchets and Hops created as an opportunity for people to enjoy time together without technology, Lloyd said. 

“It really came out of a need for people to have an opportunity to disconnect from the internet, from their phones, put things down and spend some authentic time with the people they care about,” Lloyd said. 

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