Historic clock tower to be demolished after church fire


People are coming together to help a historic church in Fredonia after a fire ripped through part of the building Friday. Church leaders are already planning to rebuild the clock tower at Family Church Fredonia.

At the corner of Church and Temple street in Fredonia, the smell of smoke still lingers. Inside the Family Church Fredonia, the sanctuary is silent.

“It’s pretty sad, said Kim Pacos who lives in Fredonia.

A century old building, now charred after flames ripped through the clock tower Friday evening.

“The clock originally was purchased for the village hall and wouldn’t work in the steeple of the village hall so they put it in the church, said Dan Pacos.

“This is a landmark,” said Scott Wise, associate pastor of Family Church Fredonia.

In the last few years, Family Church Fredonia moved into the building and spent $1.3 million in renovations. Now the front of the church will have to be fixed because of smoke and water damage.

But Associate Pastor Scott Wise says the fire ignited something else in the church…their faith.

“We want folks to know that we are not sad. We had service this morning and really I had to calm our people down because they were so excited. not because of what happened but in spite of what happened,” said Pastor Wise.

Family Church’s former building has been up for sale for months but hasn’t sold yet, so they moved Sunday service to that location.

Wise says other churches have offered their sanctuaries.

“Someone drove by and say hey what can I do, how can I help? the outpouring from the community has been incredible,” said Pastor Wise.

The building itself is still structurally sound, but with the help of the community, church family and faith — Wise says they will rebuild.

“A church is a building that you’re in it’s not who you are. our church is the group of us it’s our family. we’re not just family church we’re a church that’s a family,” said Pastor Wise.

The cause of fire hasn’t been determined yet. Church leaders say the clock tower will be demolished, but they will rebuild it. There is a GoFundMe page to help pay for repairs, click here.

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