History makes sweet eats in Niagara Falls

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Mary Ann Hess is a hair stylist by profession, but her side career is candy maker–owner of Niagara’s Honeymoon Sweets–which have shown up at presidential inaugurations, gift baskets at Emmy and Academy Awards celebrations, and many more major events.

Hess decided to try dipping Triscuit, a snack product born in Niagara Falls, into chocolate, and tried it out on her hair shop customers.

“As customers were coming and getting their hair cut, they did not have a choice.  I said to them, ‘you’ve got to try this and tell me what you think–do you like it or not?’ It went over so well people started calling and wanted to buy boxes full.”

Mary Ann also learned her grandmother used to work at the long-shuddered Niagara Chocolate Company from 1913 to 1915, which gave her the idea to call her new product the “1913 Bar”.

The Niagara Falls grandmother also learned the Niagara Chocolate Company’s trademarks and copyrights have laid dormant all these years, and now they are hers.

“We now have the bar, we have the mold, we have the trademark. We have the booklet, we have the postcard, we have everything we could have on it, and we are ready to go into business and sell it.  All I need now is everybody to come and buy and eat it, and put it in their stores.”

Now that she owns the trademarks, Hess plans to adopt the old Niagara Chocolate Company’s name.  For more information on Hess’ sweet creations, click on her website.

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