AMHERST, N.Y. (WIVB) — Western New York took a hit this winter with some severe weather. So, what should you look out for in your lawn and garden when temperatures begin to rise? And, when is the best time to take care of any damage?

Gardeners like Susan Holguin of East Amherst visited a local plant show for ideas to spruce up her space.

“It makes me feel connected. The problems of the world just disappear when I’m out in my garden,” Holguin said.

During the Christmas blizzard, Holguin said her garden at her East Amherst home took a hit. She said it probably suffered several hundred dollars in damage.

“Flowering plants that I’ve had for years are all broken down and everything,” she explained.

Holguin knows those will need to be replaced. So, she attended Plantasia, the lawn and garden show at the Hamburg Fairgrounds to get some ideas. But, perhaps damage to other lawns isn’t as cut and dry.

Roger Restorff owns Restorff’s Landscape Service.

“The general rule of thumb, if it’s broken, then you’re probably going to have to replace it,” Restorff said. “If it’s bent, tie it up, and maybe six months from now it will survive.”

Restorff said even though spring is around the corner, it’s best to wait on most all pruning — except for ornate grasses. Those can be trimmed now.

Now would be a perfect time,” Restorff said. “As long as the plant is hardy for this area, you shouldn’t have any issues with frost at all.”

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