Nowadays, it seems like there’s a day to celebrate just about everything. Grilled Cheese Day is in April; Talk like a Pirate Day is in September; the list goes on and on. 

But, International Bike Shop Day is a recent addition to that calendar, and it’s being celebrated for the first time in Buffalo on Saturday.

“I feel great. We’ve got a bunch of people joining us already,” said Campus Wheelworks co-owner Ethan Johnson as the celebrations got underway at that shop Saturday morning. “This is our first time promoting the event here. It’s the second one internationally. There are actually 207 bike shops at our current count celebrating this all over the world.”

Campus Wheelworks customers say there’s a lot to celebrate at the Elmwood Avenue shop that’s been welcoming customers for 22 years, offering everything cyclists of all skill levels need to head out on their bikes. 

“It’s the personal attention that is the key to any small business and these guys really nail it in the bike world,” said one customer from Buffalo, Tracey Maciejewski.

Bike Shop Day is all about promoting local, sustainable businesses, getting more people involved in the cycling community, and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle, even in the winter. 

Campus Wheelworks reps say an active lifestyle is especially important, as easy to get started with, in the winter in Western New York.

“We like to have a reason to get out and enjoy the weather that we have in Buffalo. A lot of people don’t realize how comfortable you can be if you have the right gear and if you’re out doing something active,” said Alex Davies, Campus Wheelworks co-owner. “So you don’t need to hibernate and sit at home under a blanket, you can get out and have some fun.”

To help more people get involved with cycling in the winter, part of the Bike Shop Day celebrations here included a winter riding clinic and the launch of this season’s Great Winter Get Out project, an app-based, winterlong scavenger hunt experience. 

“You go out and you do challenges, you get points for these challenges, and we get together once a month to talk about what we’ve done and see who’s in the lead,” Davies explained.

On Saturday morning, some cycling enthusiasts taking part in the Bike Shop Day celebrations were already getting ready to knock out some of the challenges as they hit the road for their first ride of the season. 

Stop by Campus Wheelworks to learn more about how you can get involved in the Great Winter Get Out project.