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Kenmore daycare could lose license

KENMORE, N.Y. (WIVB) - A local daycare center could have its license revoked.

The Blue Giraffe, located at 3200 Elmwood Ave. in Kenmore, has been cited for violations, according to the state's Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS).

The OCFS says The Blue Giraffe was inspected on August 29. They released this statement:

"OCFS moved to revoke the program’s license following an immediate investigation into complaint allegations. The program dismissed a staff member and is permitted to continue operations under close monitoring while the enforcement is pending. OCFS requires all child care programs to report any suspected incidents of child abuse or maltreatment to the Statewide Central Register of Child Abuse and Maltreatment. Providers who fail to do so face penalties ranging from fines to revocation of their licenses."

Here is what the OCFS reported:


Brief Description

Compliance Status


The child day care center must employ staff who will promote the physical, intellectual, social, cultural and emotional well-being of the children.

Not Corrected


the maximum group size is eight children.

Not Corrected


Corporal punishment is prohibited. For the purposes of this Subpart, the term corporal punishment means punishment inflicted directly on the body including, but not limited to, physical restraint, spanking, biting, shaking, slapping, twisting or squeezing; demanding excessive physical exercise, prolonged lack of movement or motion, or strenuous or bizarre postures; and compelling a child to eat or have in the child's mouth soap, foods, hot spices or irritants or the like.

Not Corrected


Child day care center staff must personally make, or cause to be made, an immediate report to the Statewide Central Register of Child Abuse and Maltreatment by telephone, followed by a written report within 48 hours, in the form and manner prescribed by the Office, to the child protective service of the social services district in the county in which the child resides.

Not Corrected


The program must immediately notify the parent and Office upon learning of the death, serious incident, serious injury, serious condition, communicable illness, or transportation to a hospital, of a child which occurred while the child was in care at the program or was being transported by the program. A serious incident includes any event in which a child requires medical attention other than routine illness, is left without competent supervision for any period of time, or leaves the program without an approved teacher or designated person.

Not Corrected

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