“They’re learning about sequencing, variables, functions, even though they don’t really know they’re learning about all this stuff,” said Sanchayita Shah, Coder School Buffalo Owner and Center Director. 

The Coder School is not only teaching kids computer programming, but also how to think logically.

“We tailor each individual lesson to the student’s needs. For example for younger students we have a code class where multiple students come in, we guide them together through a process,” said Andy Cassidy, Code Coach.

One example of a program kids learn how to use is block coding. Each block is like a command that allows you to control movements of an object on the computer.

“I always liken it to something like a cooking recipe in the sense that you have a set of instructions that you’re giving to a computer and they’ll execute it and at the end you’ll have a working product,” said Robert Slick, Code Coach.

Coder School Owner Umesh Shah says coding is a big part of everyday life.

“Everything around you is indeed coded, somebody did some coding to put it there. Like you turn up your thermostat that’s codes there, you turn on your car in the morning and there’s millions of lines of code that is driving your car today,” said Shah.

Though on the surface the coding language may seem confusing to some, Code Coach Andy Cassidy says kids as young as 7 years old can pick it up pretty quickly.

“I started coding in college so to see a kid be able to do what I learned 5 years ago is just incredible and they’re getting a head start on an industry that is only growing,” said Cassidy.

“Familiarity with something as marketable as coding at such a young age gives them time to build a portfolio and better their chance of getting jobs and stuff,” said Slick.

You can find more information about the Coder School after school programs and summer camps at the following link: https://www.thecoderschool.com/buffalo/