A lot of people may not be ready for the cold and snow, but that’s not the case for skiers.

Crews at Kissing Bridge and Holiday Valley have already started firing up the snow guns.

They’re taking advantage of the wintry temperatures to build up the snow pack on the slopes, so they can open for the new season.

Holiday Valley in Ellicottville has the second-largest automated snowmaking system in the U.S., with 300 snow guns.

Kissing Bridge snowmaking supervisor Matt Ehlers says “It helps, but the manmade snow goes a lot further, provides a better base, lasts longer and it kind of lets us control the conditions so that it’s nice skiing conditions all the time.”

Holiday Valley has a target opening date of November 23, which is Black Friday. They plan to open if conditions are right.

Kissing Bridge is looking to open a week later on the 30th.