LANCASTER, N.Y. (WIVB) — While holiday shoppers are scrambling, so too are the workers tasked with filling those orders. And with another winter wallop on the way, Amazon’s Lancaster sorting center kicked into high gear.

As soon as Amazon employees walk through the turnstile, they’re up against the clock. Around 1,200 people work at amazon’s Lancaster package sorting facility.

Operations manager Benji Croom says it’s known as the “middle mile.”

“They first go to a fulfillment center, you click the button, order it,” Croom said. “They put it in a box and then it comes to me.”

With the holiday hustle on, 300,000 packages are sorted every day in this enormous warehouse.

Packages are offloaded from a truck, put on conveyor belts and sent through a maze of slides, sorted and sent to a delivery station. And with holiday shopping, more resources needed to make it all happen.

“Everyone’s ordering for Christmas, so our volume increases,” Croom added. “Therefore, our headcount has to increase, our shifts increase, slightly to be able to accommodate all those packages.”

That winter storm last month put the brakes on operations when a commercial truck travel ban was imposed. As we stare down a potentially historic storm later this week, operations are being ramped up.

“Today and tomorrow we raised what our volume was projected to be,” Croom said. “We asked them to bring in more volume because we know that there’s going to be impacts. We don’t know the extent of it yet.”

More than 340,000 packages will be sorted per day ahead of the storm. So if you haven’t ordered those last-minute gifts — Croom said do it now.

For very last-minute holiday shoppers, amazon can deliver select items with one-day delivery. And this facility is still hiring, especially for when all the Christmas returns start to roll in.

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