Erik Chase turns the key, starting his lawn mower. It barely makes a sound – much different than a traditional mower using gas.

“Sometimes I can cut a lawn and they don’t even know I am there,” said Chase, the owner of The GreenerWe, a Buffalo based solar powered lawn care company. “Our biggest concern is the environment and that’s why we’re doing this.”

Chase launched the company almost three years ago after working in lawn care for more than two decades. He began researching the impact of using traditional gas mowers, finding that the average mower running for one hour releases the same level of emissions as 11 cars. 

“The noise pollution, air pollution, water pollution — those are all factors that are common in this industry and the worst part of it.” 

So Chase created this ecofriendly enterprise, hoping to eliminate it. The trailer has solar powers and the mowers run off of batteries charged by the sun.

While it cost him a bit more upfront to start the business, he believes it’ll all pay off in the end. 

“I am trying to do my part to help the world.”


For more information about The GreenerWe, visit their website here.