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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The NHL has confirmed an ongoing investigation by Hamburg Police into Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane and legal experts are chiming in on the case.

News 4 Legal Analyst Terry Connors commented on the investigation, which is currently focused on allegations of rape by a local woman.

“One of the senior assistant district attorneys has been assigned to this case already,” Connors said. “So the police do the investigative aspect of it, while the (district attorney) looks at the particular evidence they uncover to determine whether or not it constitutes a crime.”

Connors said in a high profile case, a defense attorney should attempt to get control of as many facts as possible. Connors said he would attempt to calm and reassure a client in a similar situation, then he would attempt to parallel the police investigation, uncover any physical or forensic evidence in order to get ahead of the case.

“Whenever a person of that high profile is involved, it adds another layer to the investigation. So there are concerns both for the defense and the prosecution,” Connors said. “Without question, he has several layers. In addition to that there are generally collateral consequences, things that arise out of an investigation like this. Those are more civil in nature. Is his contract affected, are there clauses contained within the NHL contract that govern his off-ice activity?”

News 4 will continue to follow the investigation and break the latest news as the case develops.

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