BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — There is more criticism over Erie County’s handling of 911 and medical emergency calls. Two county legislators say a caller who reported a woman in cardiac arrest was hung up on.

This comes after a Tops worker claims she was hung up on during the mass shooting.

Legislators April Baskin and Howard Johnson, both Democrats, said this second incident came from a birthday party for a surviving victim of the Tops mass shooting.

“I think the incident scared a lot of people and of course, they wanted an ambulance to arrive immediately, to help this person who was clearly having a very serious medical episode,” said Legislator April Baskin, chair of the Erie County Legislature.

Baskin says on Sunday she was at Zaire Goodman’s 21st birthday party. Zaire is one of the surviving victims of the mass shooting.

Baskin said a woman at the party, who is well-known in the community, went into cardiac arrest. 911 was called.

“Someone at the party, who was one of many people who were trying to call 911 was extremely disappointed with how the call taker was handling the call,” Baskin said, “I think the incident scared a lot of people and of course they wanted an ambulance to arrive immediately to help this person who was clearly having a very serious medical episode.”

Baskin said according to a guest at the party who called for help, a county medical emergency call taker on the line was hostile and accused the caller of being uncooperative because she didn’t know the exact address of the party and that the call taker hung up.

The Medical Emergency Radio System (MERS) is within the Erie County Department of Health.

It’s a disturbing sequence of events after the Tops mass shooting — where a Tops employee claims she called 911 and was hung up on as well. The county wants that 911 call taker to be fired. The county said a hearing on this matter is scheduled for June 2.

“There’s no patience for people who are going to treat the public this way,” said Peter Anderson, a spokesperson for Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz. We spoke to him about this second emergency call.

“What I know is that the call was taken, was handling inappropriately and it was reviewed right away, the investigation into this began earlier this week on Monday the individual was terminated yesterday, Wednesday,” Anderson said, “In light of what happened last weekend with the shooting at Tops there’s an increased scrutiny for people who are dealing with the public in times of emergency.”

Some county legislators think more training is needed for emergency call takers.

“If what is alleged is true, it’s very disturbing that to me says there’s a lack of training there and that there should be some additional trainings that should happen there,” Johnson said.

Baskin said the last she’s heard, the woman who went into cardiac arrest is okay.

But, with these two incidents, Johnson and Baskin want a full investigation into calls going into 911.

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