Lewiston business plans to take possible Styrofoam ban in stride

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Governor Andrew Cuomo’s quest to reduce New York State’s carbon footprint has now moved from banning plastic bags to Styrofoam containers — like the ones you might find local deli, pizza shops and restaurants.

The Como Deli on Center Street in Lewiston uses hundreds of Styrofoam containers every week

“We put all of our pasta dishes in there the soup containers are cardboard, but the Styrofoam all of our pasta containers,” said Dawn Antonacci, manager The Como Deli.

Governor Andrew Cuomo plans to ban single-use food Styrofoam containers, as well as packing peanuts. He made the announcement this week.

When the Como Deli first they first heard of a possible container ban they decided to take it in stride.

“We want to be environmentally conscious of everything that we use here,” she said. “It is going to take some time to figure out what is good and what works better for us, and our customers.”

But for now,  their focus is on plastic bags.

“We are going to take steps here to first getting rid of the plastic bags,” said Antonacci. “Then from there we’ll go on to the Styrofoam.”

Cuomo plans to make the ban a part of his 2020 state of the state address. The ban could take effect in  January 2022.

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