NORTH BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The doors are open now and the shelves are stocked as at the second Lexington Co-op location is welcoming their first wave of customers.

“I love grocery stores,” said Anna Steinberg, a co-op member. “I love local grocery stores. I love healthy, organic options and I am known to be a little crazy so why not!”

Anna Steinberg is the very first customer in line and inside the Hertel Avenue store.

“I’m excited to be here and to experience it from the ground up,” said the North Tonawanda resident, excited to have a location closer to home with more parking.

She’s in awe looking at the produce perfectly perched on the store shelves

“I don’t want to touch it!” she says laughing while looking around.

While she’s shopping- she’s taking in information about where the food she’s eating is from– one of the biggest reasons she is a co-op member.

“There’s nothing like knowing that the food you have was maybe in the farm maybe yesterday,” said Steinberg.

“One of the great things is that when we succeed all the money stays here,” said Tim Bartlett, the Hertel location’s General Manager.

Last year, 56 cents for every dollar spent at the co-op went back to those living in the local community.

“We are owned by the people who shop here,” said Bartlett. “We are owned by the community and they invest.”

And as the community invested more than $2 million in this store so it could open its doors those who are a part of the co-op are hoping the new location will expand the impact they’re having and reach those beyond the city borders.

“I think it really embodies the Buffalo spirit of community, local, and tradition,” said Bartlett.

While about 70% of customers are owners, everyone is welcome to shop here and check out the local goods at this new location. It’ll be open every day from 7am until 11pm.