NYS Police warn teens and parents of seat belt laws after deadly car crash

Livingston County

DANSVILLE, N.Y. (WIVB) — New York State Police are investigating a car crash that killed four young teens in Allegany County over the weekend. State troopers say the young driver shouldn’t have been behind the wheel.

“It was a horrible, horrible tragedy that the families and the community are going to mourn for quite some time,” said Trooper Mark O’Donnell.

It’s a tragedy Trooper Mark O’Donnell says he wants to help prevent from happening again.

Four young teens, including two 14-year-olds, were killed in a crash early Saturday in Allegany County. The driver, a 16-year-old, ran a stop sign and hit an embankment on County Road 13 C.

“They took the car early enough, we believe they took the car 9, 10 o’clock hour so they had been driving for quite some time,” said O’Donnell.

The only survivor of the crash was the 16-year-old in the front passenger seat. O’Donnell says she was the only one wearing a seat belt. That’s why he’s reminding people of the safety laws especially when it comes to seat belts.

“They gotta have enough seat belts for everybody but because of the ages, and i know they’re talking about legislation you know. Whether it’s a law or not, it’s just a good idea,” said O’Donnell.

New York State Law requires all front seat passengers to wear seat belts. If you’re under the age of 16, you must wear one even in back seat. If you’re 16-years-old or older and sitting in the back you’re not required to wear one.

For young drivers, O’Donnell says there’s also specific times they can be on the road.

“If you have a junior license, you’re not supposed to have other people in the car other than your, your parents until a certain time,” said O’Donnell.

It’s not clear if the young driver in this case had a permit or license.

“We’re not pointing fingers, we’re not here to lay blame, but we want to get the answers to the families,” said O’Donnell.

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