Lloyd adding new taco truck to fleet, retires first ever food truck in Buffalo

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Lloyd is adding a new vehicle to its fleet, and with that, the taco company is officially retiring its first taco truck. That truck is also Buffalo’s first ever food truck. 

On May 31, ‘Five’ is expected to hit the streets. 

There are three green Lloyd taco trucks on the road today. Each one can serve about 75 people an hour. They travel from Niagara County, to the Southern Tier, and even into Rochester. But the trucks, named ‘Dos,’ ‘The Third,’ and ‘4.0’, are getting another comrade to make that reach a little easier. Coming soon is, ‘Five.’

The fifth truck in the fleet will have 18 feet of space for employees to move around easier, and for more food storage. 

“We also have a lit menu board this time around, which will make things way easier at night,” Ally Balcerzak said, the marketing manager at Lloyd. “We also have two speakers on this one, so we’ll be able to play music. Depending on who’s working the truck that day, you’re going to get an idea of more of their personalities, which is going to be awesome to see.”

But with the start of ‘Five’ comes the end of an era for Lloyd… and Buffalo. 

The truck that started the Lloyd empire we see today is no longer enduring Buffalo’s cold winters and long lines in the summer. ‘OG,’ which is Lloyd’s first taco truck, is now retired. 

“She’s had a very good run… a very good life,” Balcerzak said. “She deserves retirement.”

‘OG’ came from Craigslist in Texas. She was the first ever food truck in Buffalo. Her first day on the job was July 20, 2010. 

“No one knew what was going on,” Balcerzak said. “They were like, ‘what is this giant white truck?’ it looked like a delivery truck a little bit.”

Business exploded for the owners of Lloyd after that summer of 2010. They opened their first taco factory on Hertel, added ice cream and opened a second location in Williamsville. They even won Channel 4’s Buffalo’s Best Food Truck. 

Since ‘OG’s’ maiden voyage on Buffalo streets, we’ve seen the explosion of food trucks in the Queen City. Lloyd itself has seen many changes in the past nine years, but even so, employees said they’ll never forget their food truck roots. 

“Without them, we wouldn’t exist, so they’re part of the family,” Balcerzak said. “You can’t separate Lloyd from the physical truck.”

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