Business is growing for a Western New York company, that offers an interesting service to brides and grooms on their big day.

Dogs are man’s best friend, and everyone wants their best friend at their wedding. So, a local business is offering to help with that. Good Neighbor Dog Walkers will chauffeur dogs to wedding venues, for pictures, and then dog-sit, so humans can enjoy a worry-free night. It’s apart of their wedding day dog care service. 

“Stella is very much apart of our family, and we couldn’t imagine having our wedding without her,” said newlywed bride, Dana Roman. 

As Roman looks back on her big day, she says it wouldn’t have been the same without Stella there. 

Dressed in her flower collar, Stella was apart of the couple’s wedding-day photos, and even walked down the aisle. 

“With a wedding you have all your friends and family there, so who can you trust with your dog?” she asked. 

That’s where Paige Piasecki comes in. 

Piasecki has always loved animals, and she started her own dog-walking and dog-sitting business in January of 2016: Good Neighbor Dog Walkers. But she wanted to expand her services. 

“We were trying to think of, ‘what can we do next? How can we improve? And what do the customers want?'” she said. “And we noticed that several people came to us about dog-sitting for weddings, and we figured, ‘hey we’re already dog-sitting, why don’t we include the dog in the wedding?'”

On a bride and groom’s big day, Good Neighbor Dog Walkers will drive the dog to photos and then dog-sit until the following day. 

Paige met with Dana and Stella before Dana’s big day this Fall. 

“I’ll come over and meet their dog, and make sure the dog feels comfortable with us, and we feel comfortable with the dog,” Piasecki said. 

No one wants any ‘ruff’ moments on the most important day of their lives. Paige makes it her goal to make sure everyone, pup included, is having a ‘paw-sitively’ good time. 

“It was just nice to know that my dog was with someone who really cares about animals,” Roman said.