Local business touts “sweat recycling” as the secret to success for clothing line

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Nothing’s better than cooling down on a hot day and now there’s a way to do that, while you’re breaking a sweat.

A local start-up company called Arctic Cool created an instant cooling clothing line that cools you as you sweat. The way it works is, the shirt wicks the sweat from your body then the fabric cools it.

What we’ve actually been able to accomplish, is finding a way to take your sweat, and based on the different types of fibers and the way we construct our garment, it allows you to be able to wick your sweat across your body and disperse it creating a cooling effect, said Erie Hawes president of the company.

As you work up a sweat, the garment’s cooling action turns on.

The more you sweat, the more that sweat disperses throughout the fabric, it’s recycled, said Jessica Hawes. And then, you’re able to reduce the temperature of the garment, thus reducing the temperature of your body.

It all started with just a cooling towel.

The cooling towel was a major success, in terms of being able to have a little bit of cooling relief, said Erie Hawes. So we wanted to be able to figure out a solution to actually put that into an apparel piece.

 For more information visit https://arcticcool.com/product-category/accessories/

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