AKRON, N.Y. (WIVB) — Christmas trees are more in demand than ever before and local tree farms are finding ways to deal with it.

The “cut your own” Christmas tree field at Akron Acres is closed this season. Owner Andy Kelkenberg said the rise in demand forced them to give the trees a year to grow to catch up.

He said the field has been overcut the last few years and they felt it was best to give it a break. He said they weren’t even able to keep the “cut your own” field open the full season these past few years, because the trees ran out.

Trees take seven to eight years to grow and the demand wasn’t there back when these trees were planted. Now, they’re trying to catch up.

He said while last year was busy due to the pandemic, this issue was building long before COVID.

While the field is closed they’re still selling 800 pre-cut Western New York trees and the experience that goes along with it.

“The business is growing faster than you can grow the trees. Like I say, we try to make an experience out of it with the hayride, the marshmallows, the campfire and all that so people like the extra stuff and it just keeps growing leaps and bounds every year and that’s the problem you cant grow a tree fast enough,” Kelkenberg said.

The horse-drawn hayride to the tree fields and bonfires are offered on the weekends.

They also sell fresh wreaths and several other locally-sourced goods in their gift shop.

The next two weekends are usually the busiest and as of Tuesday, they still have plenty of pre-cut trees to pick up. After that, it’ll be slimmer pickings.

They’re open every day of the week except Mondays.