BUFFALO, N.Y.(WIVB)- Andy Rosevear and her husband are braving the Buffalo cold so you don’t have to.

The couple, back in Western New York after living in Boston, is starting the Queen City’s first cargo bike delivery service.

I’s called Bufvelo.

They got the idea after working as bike messengers in Boston year-round. Now that they’re home, Rosevear told News 4 they saw huge potential in an untapped market.

She said during the time she and her husband worked as bike messengers, they collected a decent number of cargo bikes, which can carry large shipments and are lightweight; perfect for a Currier.

Ideally, they’d team up with local grocery stores, bakeries, and breweries to make day-to-day deliveries.

Rosevear said Buffalo’s growing biking community was part of the reason they decided to pull the trigger.

“I think it has so much potential, because it’s so flat. If we get some more infrastructure going, bike lanes in, protected bike lanes would help a lot and encourage people to get out more. It’s not a huge city, because once you’re in town it’s pretty easy to get around quickly and easily, and you don’t have to worry about parking,” she said.

Pricing is case-by-case, and Bufvelo has waterproof gear to transport things in all kinds of weather.

Anyone interested in their business should contact them via their Facebook page.