Local diner offers free lunches to kids during the summer months: ‘Always try your best’

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At most diners, you’ll almost always see coffee brewing, and a burger on the grill.

It’s no different at Aunt Robin’s Diner in Lancaster. 

But this morning, Robin had an interesting delivery. It wasn’t more coffee filters, or burger patties. Instead, it was boxes of jelly jars and peanut butter. 

Robin said she grew up with eight siblings in the 80’s. Some days, it was tough to get good food on the table. 

“When you got out of a school, it was a sugar bread, or crackers with a  piece of bologna on it,” Robin Finsterbach said. “Whatever you could find.”

So now she gives back.

Finsterbach gives free bagged lunches to kids who need them during the summer months. All they have to do is say they are there to pick up lunch. 

And sometimes when one person does something nice, others follow suit. The morning delivery of peanut butter and jelly is one example. The guys who dropped the load off heard about Robin’s cause, and wanted to help. Another girl heard what Robin was doing and wanted to donate to the cause as well. 

“We had a little girl come in yesterday — it was her birthday,” Robin said. 

The little girl gave all her birthday money to Robin’s cause. 

“Her grandmother asked me to explain to her what we do and I just let the little girl know, sometimes people aren’t as fortunate as you or I, and you don’t always see it.”

Along with the sandwich… chips fruit, a vegetable and water or a juice box go in the paper bag lunch. 

On one of the lunch bags, Robin wrote a special note. 

‘Always try your best,’ it read. 

“Sometimes it just takes a nice word to make someone happy, to make someone smile, because you don’t know if they’re smiling at any other point in the day.”

Robin believes she’s made about 60 to 65 lunches so far this summer. If someone has an allergy, she’ll make them a different sandwich. 

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