Local students walkout of classes, demand gun reform on anniversary of Columbine massacre

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Around 40 students from Niagara Falls High School walked out of class this morning, at 10 a.m. They walked, and chanted for about an hour, to Niagara Falls City Hall. 

Many of the students at the walkout told News 4, they don’t feel as safe as they could at school.

“Today, people resort to homeschooling because they truly do not feel safe, they are scared for their lives,” Mia Maye said. “You should never go to school scared for your life.”

They walked out, they said, to see reform. 

“The answer, I think it’s 100 percent more mental health,” Monica Lodick said. “I think the teachers should have more training on mental health, than using guns.”

And they said they are not going away.

“I think it is being heard, somewhat,” Jasiah Jackson said. “But I think if it needs to be heard more, I’ll speak louder… loud enough for  everyone to hear.”

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