Longtime Buffalonian turns 105 years old: ‘She used to like bourbon and soda’

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A long-time Buffalonian celebrated a milestone birthday alongside friends and family, in Lackawanna. Ann Dubois was born on May 17th, 1914, making her 105 years old today. 

Ann was born the same year WWI began, and the same year the first scheduled passenger airline flight took off. 

She was born in Buffalo, and went to South Park High School. Then, after some post-graduate courses, she worked at Roswell for 40 years. Ann never married or had kids, but she had eight siblings and is very close with her nieces and nephews. 

She enjoyed travelling and one other thing, which her niece said may have something to do with her longevity. 

“She used to like bourbon and soda,” Pat Hughes laughed. “My husband was a bourbon drinker and I always thought, ‘well I guess it never hurt her.’ But now of course she never asks for it anymore, which I guess is good.”

There were about a dozen friends and family who helped her celebrate on her big day. They had a big cake and gifts for Ann. She lives at OLV Senior Neighborhood in Lackawanna, where she’s been for about five years. She lived at home, by herself, until she was 100. 

Her niece said she’s always keeping people in line and is “pretty feisty.” 

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