BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) –The first Sunday of every month from now until October, there will be a lot of fresh haircuts around the city of Buffalo. The reason? Free haircuts will be given to those in need.

It starts with a snip and ends with a big confidence boost. Something as simple as a haircut can change the attitude and outlook someone has on life. It was the brain child of a local woman who is teaming up with Buffalo’s Good Neighbors, to try to help as many people as they can using the gifts they were given.

Charlene Minx, a hair stylist in Buffalo, told News 4, “Haircutting is a gift god blessed me with and I just want to be able to give back.”

‘Haircuts for the homeless’ kicked off this past Sunday. Charlene, along with a few other stylists and barbers teamed up to provide about 20-30 haircuts to those who needed it. Minx said, “We gathered up hair stylist and barbers throughout Buffalo and we just started doing haircuts.”

Lisa Roche, a hair stylist at Diva Studio in Buffalo, shared her experience. She said, “It was great, the people were so thankful and so appreciative and it felt so good to do something really good.”

The group met at Fireman’s Park downtown between Ellicott Street and North Division at 1 in the afternoon and stayed until every single person was able to be seen. If that’s not good enough, they get a free meal while there as well. Minx said, “The people that we cut their hair this week. They were just so grateful and thankful and happy. Some of them shared their stories, some of them just thanked us the entire time.”

In addition to being grateful, Minx saw a boost of confidence in the people who walked away. She says that can do a lot for a person. She shared, “I know me, when I have my hair freshly done, I feel good about myself. I’m confident, I want to go out and rule the world. I could do anything when I’m feeling good about myself and I’m just hoping these people feel the same way.”

Once word gets out about the free meal and haircuts the number of people attending will grow. Roche said, “A lot of them said they were going to return every month to come and get it.”

Charlene and her team plan to try and make this haircutting initiative last into the winter months but are still fine tuning the details. She is also looking to work with a local group that provides help to veterans that need assistance.

If you would like to get involved email Charlene here :  cminx@pipeworxbyminx.com.