Every picture tells a story, some depicting the grim reality of the humanitarian crisis in European countries like Greece.

“There are about over 70,000 refugees that are displaced in Greece on the mainland as well as the islands. Unfortunately there are still boats arriving,” said Kayra Martinez, Love Without Borders Founder and Director.

Tens of thousands of refugees live in tents and deplorable conditions.

“There’s a big problem with housing and accomodation as well in Greece, and so there’s not enough for all of these people. We have many pregnant women, children, and I get calls quite often on Facebook even because they’re living on the streets,” said Martinez.

Kayra Martinez founded Love Without Borders to offer refugees not only a creative outlet, but also a form of healing.

“The children have had a lot of trauma through their lives and so their drawings depict their stories from leaving their homes, from being in the camp, and also when our organization has placed them into a house,” said Martinez.

The non-profit provides donated art supplies to refugee men, women, and children and then sells their artwork around the world.

Buffalo native Christa Hobart hosted an art show here in the Queen City. She has also volunteered and worked directly with refugees in Greece.

“I really love to hear the stories of the people and what they’ve been through and how they’ve persevered and how they remain amazingly resilient and hopeful even in the desperate conditions that they’re living in,” said Christa Hobart, Humanitarian.

Visions of hope evident in artwork depicting love and peace, despite struggle and heartache.

“Kids art, adult art,with all sorts of messages some that were really happy, and some that were really heartbreaking. Some of the artwork is really deep and really sad but some of it is beautiful and amazing,” said Hobart.

You can find more information about Live Without Borders at the following link: http://lovewithoutborders4refugees.com/