(WIVB)– Today Patrick Miller was promoted from Major to Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army.

His family from the Town of Allegany was at the ceremony along with other friends and relatives.

Miller is Deputy Commander for administration at Fort Drum. He’s a St. Bonaventure graduate and served two tours in Iraq.

He earned the soldier’s medal, the highest non-combat honor awarded in the army, for his valor during a shooting at Fort Hood in 2014 that killed four people and hurt 14 others.

He was shot and seriously hurt but managed to lead other soldiers to safety during the attack.

Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Miller says it’s surreal to have gotten to this point today.

“Just thinking about when you’re that close to not being here, to death quite frankly and then not only to recover but continue to serve and look at my family, my daughter who wasn’t there through that. To not only survive but to move on and give back and try to do things on the side like raise money and just continue my career. It’s just satisfying and I’m very appreciative and grateful,” Miller said.

His next goal is just to continue to serve.

Miller says he’s not chasing a rank, just simply loves what he does. He says he doesn’t see an end in sight.