Man says he’s blocked from building Tim Hortons in Orchard Park

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Ray Miranda says for the last six years he’s been trying to put a Tim Hortons on the corner of Chestnut Ridge Road near the corner of the 240.

He says the town is considering a new proposal that would ban any new developments with a drive-thru in that area.

Miranda owns land right off the 219 in the Town of Orchard Park. He’s’ been fighting in the courts since 2013 to build a Tim Hortons there.

He says he’s received approval from the DOT and even though he won in court after suing the town for a local law stopping him before, he says now the town is considering a new law.

That law would ban any new developments with a drive-thru from being built in what’s called the ‘architectural overlay district’, which is where his land is located.

Miranda says he owns another Tim Hortons in North Boston.

“Our design here is not a typical Tim Hortons with a drive-thru. It’s a beautiful building which would enhance this area and add to the area because this is the beginning of Orchard Park and we’re wanting to welcome residents and non-residents alike into Orchard Park,” Miranda said.

Miranda says he’s asking the town for his land to be grandfathered in since his plans were submitted before this new law could be adopted.

The town’s planning board tells me it’s a matter of traffic and public safety.

A member of the board says this law isn’t just preventing a drive-thru on that specific corner but anywhere in the entire architectural overlay district.

There is a public hearing on this law scheduled for August 7.

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