WESTFIELD, N.Y. (WIVB)- It was a taxing 24 hours for Westfield residents, after severe weather ripped through the area, leaving in its wake, a lot to clean

“The sky opened up outta nowhere,” said resident Ashley Moore. Her driveway completely caved in overnight due to the heavy rain and flash flooding.

The storm also destroyed parking lots and flooded golf courses, and forced several residents to be evacuated from an area trailer park.

No one was hurt, but first responders were kept busy dealing with flooded basements, like the Foster’s.

“I heard this great big bang and crash and I’m thinking ‘am I dreaming is this for real?’ And I got up and walked off to the kitchen and as soon as I walked out of the kitchen, the floor, it was covered with water,” homeowner Sharon Foster she told News 4.

Almost 5 feet of water filled her basement, destroying several belongings.

But the water wasn’t just flooding in through the back steps, it rushing in from the ground

“That floor was being raised up by that water pressure. We call it the hydraulics of water. It was lifting that floor up,” said Burl Swanson of the Dewittville Volunteer Fire Department.

Because of the massive amount of water in the Foster’s basement, crews had to drill two holes into the cement floor in order to relieve some pressure.

15 hours later and Swanson and his team had it down to just under a foot of water.

The Foster’s don’t have flood insurance, but told News they’re just grateful no one was hurt.

“It hasn’t hit me yet. Probably tonight when I finally just calm down then it’s going to hit. I’m just thinking about all this cleaning I’m going to have to do but I got a lot of friends and family who have said give us a call and we’ll come and help you,” Foster said.