Millennials merging avocado obsession with marriage proposals

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BALTIMORE (WJZ) – Have millennials finally taken things too far with the avocado? The superstar of the produce section has been eaten in everything from guacamole to trendy avocado toast, and now young adults are using the giant berry as a prop in their wedding proposals.

The super food has become a millennial favorite because of its wealth of vitamins and minerals, as well as high level of “good fat” which nutritionists say lowers bad cholesterol. Apparently no longer content to just eat the fruit, “avocado proposals” are becoming a trendy way to pop the question.

The edible ring boxes have even inspired companies to jump on the craze too. California-based company Custom Avocados tweeted a picture of a customer who had “Will you marry me?” branded on the side of the fruit. “It was perfect! Now, I plan to get custom avocados to give as favors at the wedding,” the customer said, via The Sun.

While the novel idea may be a crowd-pleaser on social media, some avocado proposals have already run into timing issues. The fruit, which can start to brown after just 10 minutes, has made for some less-than-fresh proposals and plenty of social media ribbing.

For everyone who can’t understand the appeal of plucking out a ring wedged in an avocado, some social media users summed up the feelings of many stumped onlookers. “Here, put on this slimy ring,” one Instagram user wrote. “I’d still say no… but I’d be glad of the effort,” another person added.

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