We are officially 50 days away from Christmas and the big question, is it too early to play Christmas music? Not here at Mix 96!

Sarting today, Mix 96 is playing all things Christmas over the radio airwaves.

“We got a lot of calls, requests, messages on Facebook, messages on all of our social media sites and we wanted to give Buffalo what they wanted,” said Melody Nardone, Mix 96 morning show host. 

Is it too early to spread holiday cheer? That depends on who you ask.

“No not at all,” said Marisa Alessi of Buffalo.

“We didn’t even eat turkey yet and Halloween just ended. It’s way too early,” said Jennifer Persutti of Buffalo.

“I’d go with December 1st. Let’s wait till we get to December,” said Robert Goodwin of Amherst.

Although it’s only November 5th, all the holiday jingles make it feel like the most wonderful time of the year arrived early.

Mix 96 morning hosts Dave and Melody both say why not?

“The Bills did not do very well. When the Sabres out score the Bills you know they have a problem so why not get some Christmas music to make you smile and get you in a good mood today,” said Dave Fields, Mix 96 morning show host.

“Get in the Christmas spirit,” said Alessi.

You’ll hear Christmas music all day everyday on Mix 96 until Christmas. To request a song, you can call 716-644-9696.