More Niagara officers to receive body cams

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NIAGARA FALLS (WIVB) —  Approximately 40 officers in the Niagara Falls Police Department have been wearing body cameras since last year.

But understanding the importance of the tool, led the local force to apply for more.

Eventually, all officers will be outfitted. Today, the department announced they had received a federal grant of more than 45-thousand dollars.

Each of the cameras cost approximately $1,000 each.

The cameras can record audio as well as video, meaning they can pick up additional clues from a crime scene

Niagara Falls Police Superintendent Bryan DalPorto said in the instance of violence against a police officer, which as you mentioned we’ve seen across the country recently, body cameras would provide crucial evidence.

And while they would be on during instance of traffic stops or parts of investigations, the cameras’ operation is flexible.

“The camera does have an off feature. But our policy dictates when the camera is on and off,” DalPorto said. “Obviously, if the officer is doing something that isn’t within policy, we would take the appropriate action, but we don’t anticipate that happening.”

“It creates an accurate and complete picture of what happened, so in most ways it assists the officer not only in the investigation but furthering our cause in terms of community policing,” he said.

The city will also spend some of the money on expanding its liaison program and community police, especially in high-crime areas. DalPorto says his officers have very much embraced the technology as another tool in fighting and preventing crime.

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