Mount St. Mary’s Hospital first in Niagara County to collect donated breast milk for NY Milk Bank

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LEWISTON, N.Y. (WIVB) — Mount St. Mary’s Hospital is the first in Niagara County to collect donated breast milk for the New York Milk Bank.

Many health professionals say that breastfeeding is very healthy for nursing mothers and their babies, but some moms can’t produce enough breast milk to meet their baby’s needs. That’s where the NY Milk Bank steps in.

The Milk Bank offers safe, pasteurized donor breast milk to babies who need it when their mothers’ own milk is not enough.

Today a local mother made her second deposit at the Mount St Mary’s drop off site, so far she’s donated more than 800 ounces of her breast milk

The donated milk is put into a freezer, then shipped off to the NY milk bank where it’s tested, pasteurized, held for 48 hours and re-tested.

Nurses say mothers in the area have been asking where they can donate their milk for years, and now they have a place where they can do that in Niagara County.

Research shows that breast milk can protect babies from life-threatening infections, especially for premature babies.

“Being a new mom is really stressful so if you can’t produce milk and your baby is really sick that’s even worse. So giving my milk is another way to help other moms,” said Corinne Abrams from the Tuscarora Reservation.

“We have babies all the time that die because they get infections in their digestive systems and we are trying to save those babies by giving them our communities milk and the safest milk for them,” said Maryann Cogdill, Mount St. Marys Director of Maternity Services.

In addition to Mount St. Mary’s Hospital in Lewiston, Catholic Health has also created milk bank depots at Mercy Hospital of Buffalo and Sisters of Charity Hospital.

For more information on the Catholic Health Milk Bank Depots, visit Or you can contact the NY Milk Bank at 212-956-MILK (6455)

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