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Moviegoers: Elmwood Regal Cinemas leaves families with bedbug bites

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - The clothes Shalanda Favors and her family wore to Regal Cinemas, last week, are packed into plastic bags and kept outside their house on the back deck. They don't want to take any chances bedbugs might get inside.

While the family was watching "Alice Through the Looking Glass", Shalanda and her 3-year-old son were getting bitten by bedbugs, forcing the family of six to leave the show and shed their clothes before going in the house.

"We literally had to take off all our clothes in the driveway, bag them up in bags, and then hurry up and run in the house with just our undergarments on."

Before leaving the Regal Theatre, Shalanda took pictures of the bite marks on her upper torso and arms.

"I went in the bathroom--under the bright light to go see, like in the mirror -- I pulled back where I was itching under my shirt, and I seen that I had bite marks all on my arm, my shoulders."

Taneeya Goodwin said she and her boyfriend were attacked by bedbugs at the Regal Theatres in North Buffalo, Monday night, and Taneeya recorded video of a live bedbug with her smartphone.

"As we were coming out of the theatre, we went into the bathroom because he kept feeling like he was getting bit. So we went in the bathroom, and then he pulled his shirt off, and when he pulled his shirt off he found the bedbug on his shirt."

Taneeya posted the video on Facebook and it has gone viral.

The couple left that night to see "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", and when they brought the bedbugs to the manager's attention, they say the response was less than satisfactory.

"They didn't understand how it happened because they just got their building inspected two days before. As I explained to them, I didn't bring it with me."

Bedbugs are not considered a public health threat, but Erie County Health Department officials can track complaints. Call 4 Action complaints go back months, and bite victims are advised to report incidents to the health department

News 4 reached out to the Regal Entertainment Group in Knoxville, Tennessee, but as of Tuesday night no one from the corporation has responded to telephone calls.

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