National Fuel expects customers will have to pay more this winter

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How much will National Fuel customers have to pay for gas in the coming months? 

That’s going to depend on the weather.

The company is trying to figure out the average cost of keeping a home warm this winter season. The one thing customers can count on is a higher bill.

National Fuel said it is getting two very different winter forecasts. 

If it is a typical Western New York winter, people will have to pay about $5 dollars more per month on their gas bill compared to last year. 

The winter heating season bill is measured from November through March. 

The company said that the average customer can expect that bill to be about $580. 

That number is about $26 more than the same bill last winter. 

“That puts it at about $5.23 higher than it was last year. But, again it all depends on what Mother Nature brings for the winter weather this season,” said a company spokesperson Kathy Merkel. 

The company said it realizes some people may need help when it comes to heating costs. 

One way of getting that assistance is by enrolling in HEAP. 

The Home Energy Assistance Program helps low-income people pay the cost of heating their homes.

You can find information on how to enroll in the program by clicking on this link. 

HEAP opens this year on November 13th. 

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