MEDINA, N.Y. (WIVB) — More allegations of abuse and neglect are surfacing from former patients and relatives of patients treated at the Orchard Manor Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Medina.

Jim Korleski says he was mentally abused by a couple of nurses aides while in rehabilitation following leg surgery for an infection.

He said on two occasions he was put on a lift taking him from his bed to his wheelchair, and left suspended.

“They left me hanging,” he said. “And they said, oh, we’ll get to you when we get to you.”

In an additional complaint he says he filed with the New York State Department of Health, Koleski claims a certified nursing assistant jammed his foot between his wheelchair and a door.

“The CNA just wasn’t watching where he was going and hit my foot against the door frame.”

Koleski says the wound got worse and says the medical treatment he received made it worse. “I told them numerous times, no, do not put acetic acid on my foot. And I’m also diabetic. And they actually put acetic acid on there and opened it up to an open wound.”

In another case the grandson of 103 year old Clara Duchow says she suffered a laceration of her left arm, but that he wasn’t told about it until he saw the bandage. Ricky Flor said he couldn’t get any answers.

“They were trying to look up the paperwork, look in their computers, looking for the reports. Did not have any,” he said.

He also said his grandmother developed bed sores that required operations and that she eventually contracted Mersa (MRSA).

“Lack of turning her,” he claimed. “so she’s not on her back constantly.”

He said when he brought his complaints to the attention of the State Department of Health, her treatment in the nursing home improved.

However, he plans on taking his grandmother out of Orchard Manor later this month, and bringing her home.

Aaron Lichtman, a spokesman for Orchard Manor, said certain skin ulcers in aging people are unavoidable, although he said HIPPA laws prevent him from discussing any specific cases.

Lichtman also said the facility is constantly conducting investigations and that mistakes can and will happen. He said if they do happen they will be seriously addressed.

Orchard Manor says it found no proof of an earlier allegation that a woman was molested by a visitor. However, the state says a full investigation of the nursing home is underway and that inspectors have yet to release their findings.

The state was initially brought in when an elderly patient almost choked to death on a chunk of beef. Sources say she was supposed to be on a diet of soft food and ground up meat.

Some staff members who preferred not to be identified have complained that patients needs are not being met on certain shifts because there are not enough workers to meet the demand.

New York State Health inspectors have been investigating the nursing home and rehab center based on earlier complaints of a woman nearly choking to death and the alleged molesting of a patient by a visitor. The nursing home says that allegation could never be proven.

One worker said in one unit, at times there is one aide to care care of forty residents. This means delays for help to the bathroom or the dispensing of pain medication, the worker said.

Morale is said to be low among the nurses, aides, and kitchen staff.

“We do what we can for our residents,” said the worker. “We don’t want this to be happening.”