New app clears customs easier for those with small boats


There is good news for those with small boats who try to clear customs in the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence Seaway. 

You can now complete your inspection with a CPB officer using an app on a smart phone device or at one of the new ROAM reporting stations where the app will be loaded on an iPad.

The new technology replaces the old OAR system of reporting that many people found challenging. 

The ROAM app is available in the Apple and Android stores.

Through the app you enable a video conference with CBP officers.

“This technology is a step in the right direction for the boating community as well as for our officers processing these types of arrivals,” said Alexandria Bay Area Port Director Timothy Walker.

Travelers in possession of a Nexus Card or I-68 can still report their arrival by calling 1-800-827-2851 – or use the new ROAM app.If travelers arriving by boat have any questions about reporting their arrival to CBP, contact the local port of entry or call 1-800-827-2851.

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